5 Star Plumbing has been recognized and established in the Montreal area, South and North Shore as a plumber that you can trust. Although our service and equipment are quite modern, our basic philosophies have not changed. We listen to our customers, we provide prompt response to your emergencies, and we give quality work and a professional regard for your home or business.

Our company has an established reputation of excellence within the industry and continues to evolve and grow. We have worked long and hard to develop this reputation as a high quality plumbing contractor with a commitment to professionalism and excellence in the delivery of our services.

Our skilled technicians are well trained and we specialize in all types of installations and repairs for your home. The comfort, safety and cleanliness of your home is our top priority.

We use the most advanced technology to diagnose sewer and drain problems. Our technicians are trained in the latest methods and techniques to provide quality service and customer satisfaction.

At 5 Star Plumbing We DO It First and We DO It Best.

Being professional means more than just knowing which tool to use, it means respecting you, the customer, and your property. It means being able to answer your questions accurately and courteously. It means keeping up with and exceeding industry standards, and using that knowledge to help you obtain the best quality service possible.

At 5 Star Plumbing, we are as concerned with preventing problems as well as with repairing them. We rely on warrantied parts and accurate installation to ensure that our work and our reputations will be happy to tell their friends about us.

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