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There's a huge trust issue when calling a service plumber to your home or office. And many times a plumber has to be in your most personal space in order to do their job. Our plumbers are respectful and make sure to clean up at the end of every job.
dishwasher installation


When you purchase dishwasher, paying for it isn't the end of the matter - you have to get it set up and sometimes you may not have the time or expertise. Save time and avoid the frustration of trying to install your dishwasher. Have your new dishwasher installed the easy way: neatly and reliably by a professional installer.

5 Star Plumbing offers dishwasher installation service and replacement for clients in Montreal, Laval, West Island, South and North Shore. Professional installation services for all type of built-in dishwashers.

Dishwashers are both a luxury and a necessity. Whenever your old dishwasher decides it has had enough, it can cause a back up of dishes in the kitchen. Make sure your dishwasher is running correctly with our dishwasher repair service. Or get a brand new dishwasher and use our dishwasher installation service. Dishwashers are becoming more and more efficient in this day and age. They use less water, less soap, less time, and they are much quieter than ever before. Montreal 5 Star Plumbing will be sure to assist you in the installation.

Locations: Montreal Area, Laval, South Shore, West Island

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