Clogged Bathtub & Shower Drains

Clogged Bathtub & Shower Drains

Do you have a blocked bathtub or shower drain? The inconvenience of not having a useable bath or shower drain cannot be overrated. Since bathtubs and showers drains go though daily wear and tear, it is recommended you get a proper drain cleaning done so it continues to function smoothly for years to come.

A clogged bathtub and shower drain is a common result of hair, chemical and other build ups. If you noticed a clog up, it is in your best interest to call a professional plumber to clean that drain up before it causes more damage to your property. Clog ups take time to develop and cannot be noticed until the drain is already blocked.

A clogged drain requires immediate attention and should never be ignored as they will not disappear on its own. It is also highly recommended to figure out what exactly is causing your drain to clog up in order to prevent future recurrences. 5 Star Plumbing resolves all plumbing situations by first getting to the root source of the problem, and only then fixing it. This approach ensures higher chances of permanently eliminating the problem, and reduces the chances of it reoccurring over the time.

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