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A sump pump will protect your basement most of the time but mechanical failures or power failures lead to significant basement water problems. If your sump pump system has no battery backup sump pump you are in risk of flooding as the power failures most often occur when there are heavy rainstorms. When waters are rising and rains are at their worst, you'll be glad there's a battery backup sump pump available to kick in and handle the water the primary sump pump couldn't handle.

Sump pumps lose power for a variety of reasons. Aside from the obvious power failure, it's possible for a circuit to trip, especially pumps plugged into GFI outlets.

As a home owner, have the peace of mind of no longer worrying about the power going out in the middle of the night or while you are away from your home. Even if you already have a generator, a battery backup sump pump is ideal for those crucial first hours before the generator is up and running. If you are looking to install a battery backup sump pump, contact us today at 514-447-3700 and we will be glad to help you pick the right system.

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