Flooding Emergency

When that cold Montreal winter melts away into spring, the run off can find its way into basements. Rather than investing in goggles and swim trunks for your basement excursions, get us to handle the problem right away.

Why a basement might flood

A basement can flood at any time, it can happen in the summer and also in the winter. A flood typically occurs during big rainfall or snowmelt in the spring, and it can also occur even during dry weather from broken waterlines.

Although no basement is immune to flooding, understanding why your basement floods can help you learn how to avoid these disasters.

5 Common Issues to flooding

  • Sewer backup
  • Sump pump failure
  • Faulty hot water tank
  • Broken pipes
  • Foundation cracks

In the event that your basement has flooded, you need to dry it as soon as possible. However, safety should be your top priority, should electrical equipment come into to contact with flood water there is a serious danger of electrocution.

Maintenance Prevents Basement Floods

Drain Maintenance is key! To eliminate basement flood, we recommend planning in advance. Spring is the most common time for floods, have your sewer drains annually before the winter. Cut through unwanted roots in your main drain and debris with our rooter cutter. Advanced technology with our camera can easily scope out what’s in your pipeline.

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