Emergency Drain or Sewer Back Up Service

The biggest cause of sewer backup is a blockage in the sanitary pipe between the home and the city sewer, this drain is called the main drain. In our past experiences, most of the blockages as due to soil entering the drain, misaligned drain joints which in return result causes roots infiltration or a pipe collapses. Sewer back up can also be caused by baby wipes, grease, paper, or solid debris that have been flushed down a drain.

A blocked drain or sewer back-up can create a stressful and messy situation. In some cases, may clogged drains or sewers may also cause health and safety concerns, in addition to significant property damage.

Sewer back up by roots in main drain

Roots of a shrub and tree in front of you home seek moisture, in dry (Summer or Winter) weather these roots will make their way into a main drain lateral cracks. These roots cause damage in due time but with a proper yearly drain cleaning and prevention, you can avoid replacing your main drain. In most cases these roots start off small, entering small crack in the pipe; but in due time these shrubs or trees continues to grow along with the roots. In time this will eventually cause your main drain to open or break causing a back up.

When you have a sewer backup in your basement drains such water backing up in your shower or toilet, 5 Star Plumbing team of professional plumbers will analysis your blockage and use a range of methods to solve your problem. Our drain camera inspection will give us the extra eyes needed to determine the cause of you blockage in your main drain and see exactly what is going on inside your drains. We can remove and cut off the roots with our tools as we clean you main drain from any blockage.

If your drain is backing up and causing damages, please contact us right away at 514-316-1043. Start by speaking to our qualified technician over the phone, we can help guide you in the process to reduce water damages before dispatching a plumber. afterward, our professional plumbers will visit your home or business unblock your drain. Whether its sewer backup caused by tree roots entering a broken drain or clogged drain by foreign materials such as paper or grease, we at 5 Star Plumbing can help you.

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