Drain Camera Inspection

drain camera inspection

Our drain camera inspection gives our customers a complete understanding of what is happening below ground level. A drain camera inspection permits our plumbing experts to direct a visual review of drain lines and other underground channels, including pipes under concrete and under your home's foundation.

During a drain camera inspection, our technicians inspects the condition of the main drain and carefully examine for any drain defects or problems. Once we have cleared away any blockage, we feed the drain camera down the drain line so that we can see the extent of the damage and the seriousness of the problem.

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Benefits of Drain Camera Inspections

Before cameras were used, plumbers were forced to use their best judgment to guess the location of plumbing problems in walls and underground, resulting in expensive, disruptive, and tedious trial-and-error exploration.

With our high-tech drain cameras, we can gain a 360-degree view of every inch of your plumbing system, streamlining the repair process and allowing us to prevent future problems before they develop. After a drain inspection, our knowledgeable plumbers can provide our customers with an honest evaluation of your plumbing system and recommend a suitable solution.

There could be several plumbing reasons for continually slow draining pipes and repetitive clogs. Drain camera inspection shows the exact problem whether it be root intrusion or crushed, cracked or misaligned pipes. Our drain camera inspection service accompanied with our drain cleaning service is the most effective method to suspected problems in your main drain.

drain inspection benefits

Camera Inspections detect the following issues:

  • Tree root penetration
  • Cracked or broken sections of pipe
  • Checking for misaligned joints
  • Debris build-up
  • Obstructions or blockages
  • Retrieving lost items
  • Inspecting the plumbing of a potential new home
  • And more

Drain camera inspection can pinpoint troubled areas in your drainage system and helps visually confirm the cause of the problem, which allows our technicians to get to the root of the problem without causing more damage to your home or commercial location!.

Note: If you are planning to purchase a home, we strongly recommend having your main drain inspected before the purchase. Hidden plumbing problems can create significant additional post sale costs or unexpected damages. Make sure you do your due diligence before purchasing your home. Click here to read more about our Home Inspection Report or Contact us with any questions at 514-447-3700.

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Plumbing Drain Camera Inspection

plumber drain camera inspection

If you can not pinpoint the reason for your blocked drain, have our plumbing expert at 5 Star Plumbing inspect your drain with our drain camera inspection. There are many reasons for needing a drain camera inspection, such as, creating a blueprint of your underground drainage; inspecting the main drain before purchasing a house or identifying the location of a blockage. Our high quality drain camera inspection services can detect any issue of your drainage system.

With drain video camera inspections, we’re able to see inside your drainage system, as well as inside the drain pipes in your walls. Our video camera plumbing inspections allow for real-time visual inspection of underground sewer lines and other piping in order to determine the condition of your pipes or the cause of the obstruction.

Cutting-Edge Drain Inspection: Pinpoint Accuracy with Our New Locator Technology

We are thrilled to announce an enhancement to our drain inspection services - a revolutionary locator device that integrates with our high-definition drain cameras. This breakthrough allows unparalleled precision in identifying the root cause of drainage problems.

Innovative Technology for Accurate Detection

Drain Locator Inspection Our advanced video inspection tool delves deep into your drainage system, offering clear visuals of the interior conditions. The game-changer? Our newly incorporated locator technology. This sophisticated system transmits a locator signal directly from the camera, allowing our skilled technicians above ground to determine the camera's exact position. This means we can pinpoint the specific location of blockages or damages within your pipes with unmatched accuracy.

Why This Matters for You

  • Targeted Problem Identification: Eliminate guesswork. We locate the precise point of concern, leading to smarter, more accurate solutions.

  • Economical Repairs: Our targeted approach reduces unnecessary work, cutting down on costs and saving you money.

  • Speedy Service Delivery: Quick, accurate problem identification means faster fixes, getting your life back to normal sooner.

  • Reduced Intrusion: We focus our repair efforts exactly where they're needed, sparing you from extensive property disruption.

  • Lasting Assurance: Accurately addressing drain issues today helps avert future complications, offering you long-term reliability.

At Montreal 5 Star Plumbing, our commitment to adopting cutting-edge technologies reflects our dedication to delivering top-tier service. Our newest addition, the drain camera inspection localization, exemplifies our pledge to provide the most effective, customer-centric solutions in Montreal and the surrounding areas.

Sample Video Camera 5 Star Plumbing

Sample Camera Inspection

Upfront Prices - Drain Camera Inspection Service

We offer upfront pricing over the phone for our drain camera inspection services. We also provide discounted pricing to our drain camera inspection when accompanied with a drain cleaning. Call us today to find our more about our drain camera inspection service at 514-447-3700

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