Toilet Installation or Repair Services

Toilet Installation Services

Call 5 Star Plumbing for all of your toilet-related repairs, installations and clogged drain. We have the expertise to adhere to the manufacturer's standards when repairing residential or commercial toilets, faucets and fixtures.

Running Toilet

After flushing your toilet, do you hear running in your toilet tank for a few minutes after flushing? The reason this is happening is because the flapper within the tank is not sealing properly. This can cause major damages if ever your toilet is blocked and left unattended, eventually water rises in the bowl and begins spilling onto the floor.

Toilet Installation

Clogged Toilet

This bring us to our second point, clogged toilets. A clogged toilet can start as a small issue probably an obstruction in drainpipe, it may even be a symptom of a bigger problem farther down the sewer line. If you notice water rising into your bathtub or shower drain, this means you have a bigger issue in the sewer line. Call 5 Star Plumbing as we would be glad to assist you with your clogged toilet.

Toilet Replacement

If you are looking to replace your toilet for whatever reason, out dated, not flushing well, etc. 5 Star Plumbing is specialized in toilet replacements.

Toilet Replacement

When to Replace Your Toilet

Most of toilet replacement are not due to the homeowner being proactive. Some signs that can indicate you need to install a new system include:

  • Frequent clogs: Constant clogs can be an indication that your toilet is not pushing enough water through the toilet.
  • Age: Older toilets may have parts that are wearing down or have needed to be replaced on a regular basis. A new toilet will have better parts and are better on the water consumption.
  • Cracks: A crack in your toilet can lead to expensive water damage. If a crack is noticed it is best to replace the toilet right away.
  • Wear and tear: As your toilet ages it can develop scratches from wear and tear. These scratches can show stains and cause dirt to cling to them, making the toilet more difficult to clean over time.

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