Water Leak Repair Services

A pipe or water leak can wreak havoc on your property and your bank statement. Upon suspicion of a leak, contact Montreal 5 Star Plumbers to locate the source and deal with it as efficiently and economically as possible.

At Montreal 5 Star Plumbing, we are as concerned with preventing problems as well as with repairing them. We rely on warrantied parts and accurate installation to ensure that our work is well done and that our clients will be happy to tell their friends about us.

Prevent more damages by shutting off your main valve

An emergency water shut-off valve is a valve that cuts off the water supply to your entire home. When you turn the valve, you can stop the flow of water to your home and prevent big leaks from causing serious damage to your walls, floors, furniture and more.

Where are emergency water shut-off valves located?

Depending on your home, your emergency water shut-off valve can be located in one of a few different places. The first place is inside your garage or home near your water meter. In certain cases the emergency shut-off valve can be located in your basement. Your water meter will either be located on the side of your house or in the front of your house near the street, and it will likely be in a covered box. Some homes also have a water shut-off valve located where the main water line enters the home.

If you’re having difficulty locating your home’s emergency water shut-off valve, feel free to contact 5 Star Plumbing and we can help you find it!

Familiarize yourself with the emergency water shut-off valve

After you’ve located your emergency water shut-off valve, you’ll want to know how to properly use it. While some valves can simply be turned by hand, many valves require a wrench to turn properly. In either case, turning the valve clockwise will shut your home’s water supply off. We highly recommend closing the value slowly this way you do not break any sealing within the value.

Once you’ve gotten comfortable with finding and using your emergency water shut-off valve, it’s a good idea to test it out about once per year. This will ensure not only that the valve is turning properly, but also that you remember where it’s located and how to use it.

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