Pipe Leaks and Water Leaks

Plumbing leaks are ones of the most troublesome problems households can have, from a broken pipe, to leaky faucets this can lead to a lot of problems. Any kind of significant water damage can create the perfect ground for mold and germs. When you notice a water spot on the wall or a leaking pipe it's time to call a plumbingexperts. Our plumbers can find leak areas and fix ongoing major leaks.

A pipe or water leak can wreak havoc on your property and your bank statement. Upon suspicion of a leak, contact Montreal 5 Star Plumbers to locate the source and deal with it as efficiently and economically as possible. You'd be surprised by just how much tightening a loose pipe, adding a washer, and focusing on plumbing and pipe repair can prevent leaks and save your home from water damage.

Don't wait until there's a major leak problem in your home, call 5 Star Plumbing today so we can help you prevent leaks and damage.

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