Main Drain Root Removal Plumbing Services

Are you having issues with water in your basement or garage being flooded? One of the main reasons to main drain getting clogged are tree roots. Tree roots can cause extensive damage to drain and sewer pipes. They must be removed and cleaned out before any damages occur due to a clogged drain.

Drain roots grow into the pipes because the sewer pipes contain water, nutrients and oxygen-the essential elements for trees to grow. Aside from drain and sewer blockages, tree roots growing inside sewer and drain pipes must be maintained to reduce blockage. Roots from trees growing on private property and on parkways throughout the service area are responsible for many of the sanitary sewer service backups and damaged sewer pipes experienced in Montreal and the surrounding areas.Our drain experts will start by cleaning out the roots within the drain with our metal drain snake. The Drain Snake will cut out all the roots from your pipe making a clean flow in your drain. Most roots are located in the main drain from the city sewer to the entrance of your home. We have located roots in drains, sewer lines, storm pipes and septic systems.

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